Prediction Business Card Case


Spectator notes a time on a business card. The card is placed face down inside a card case and handed to you. In a New York minute, you know the time.
Spectator sees both sides of the business card case. You'll marvel at its simplicity and effectiveness. Comes with 30 cards. If you need more, we've got them. Optionally, you may choose to use your own business cards.


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This is an affordable effective prop to obtain a selected time. It is a perfect companion to our prediction timepieces.
Many performers use it frequently because it makes a prediction appear to be totally impossible. Since smart phones have voice recognition features, it’s smart not to have a spectator announce a time. If someone verbalizes a time, you don’t want to hear some goofball in the group say, “It voice controlled, isn’t it”. When it’s written down, you never hear that comment.
Easy to do — clever method. Fast reset. The $1 bill in the illustration is not included. It simply shows that any bill or card can be placed inside the sleeve of the case.


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