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Premier Prediction Wristwatch

Equipped with a 48 Second Warp Speed Engine that stops on a dime. And then advances at impulse speed of one minute. BULLS-EYE. YOU NAILED IT.

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Blown Away $1 Bill — Predict the time with watch in spectator’s hand, or on a table. Precision made & examinable. A must-have prop!
The Mother of All PK Pens — A stylish functioning pen. An LED for misdirection. Deviously gimmicked to trigger your watch. You’ll love it!

N52 Utility Kit — An assortment of PK gimmicks + tips for use, such as making a gimmicked $1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
The Master Card — This novel gimmick never fails to keep on thrilling and killing. Because you never touch the watch! Examinable.
Prediction Card Case — A devilishly simple but straight forward method of taking a p – – – at a selected time.

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