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Premier Prediction Wristwatch

Equipped with a 48 Second Warp Speed Engine that stops on a dime. And then advances at impulse speed of one minute. BULLS-EYE. YOU NAILED IT.

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Discounted Deal 4 - Save 172 Premier Wristwatch

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The Master Card — This novel gimmick never fails to keep on thrilling and killing. Because you never touch the watch! Examinable.
Gift Gear — Women love diamonds. Why not give one away? Why not use the ring box for an incredible psychic effect? Do it all!

Blown Away $1 Bill — Predict time with spectator holding watch or with watch on a table. Precision made. Examinable. A must-have prop!

The Mother of All PK Pens — A stylish functioning pen. An LED for misdirection. Deviously gimmicked to trigger your watch. You’ll love it!

N52 Utility Kit — An assortment of powerful N52 mags + tips for use, such as making a gaffed $1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Armed Card — This is a jaw-dropping routine using a Bicycle card to ‘arm’ a watch. Incredible, memorable mentalism!
Magnetic Force Deck — The ‘PK Force’ is with you inside this deck of cards. It doesn’t just kill, it tortures your mind first.
The Venus Miracle Pen — Don’t leave home without it. But don’t worry, it can perform longer than 4 hrs! Hilarious entertainment.
Hot Box — This inside of this match box is crafted so incredibly that spectators can peer inside without seeing the ‘N52’. Fantastic!

Psychic Lantern — For intimate settings, this novel effect can’t be beat! Complete with patter & a precision made LED lantern.

Mental Power Bar — If you enjoy doing mentalism tongue-in-cheek, with your audience laughing in delight, read the routine in this link.
Magnetic Pen Pro — We all love Sharpies. They appear to be so innocent. But this one is deadly. For ultimate deception.

Light Fright — Great for seances or any psychic intimate setting. Will totally keep your audience engaged!
The “OMG” Bill — With this $1 you literally have total control at your fingertips. ‘Stop/start’ whenever you want. Unbelievable!

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