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Pro Prediction Wristwatch, Blown Away Prediction Watch

Equipped with a 45 second warp speed engine that you can stop on a dime. Devastating mentalism!

Instead of prepackaged deals, we now offer several groups of accessories at different price points. Select what you want. Save a bundle of cash.
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Pro Wristwatch Deal 2 Save 96

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Blown Away $1 Bill— Predict time with spectator holding watch or with watch on a table. Precision made. Examinable. A must-have prop!
The Mother of All PK Pens–A stylish functioning pen. An LED for misdirection. Deviously gimmicked to trigger your watch. You’ll love it!
N52 Utility Kit— An assortment of powerful N52 PKs + tips for use, such as making a gaffed $1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
The Master Card— This novel gimmick never fails to keep on thrilling and killing. Because you never touch the watch! Examinable.
Armed Card — This is a jaw-dropping routine using a Bicycle card to ‘arm’ a watch. Incredible, memorable mentalism!
Psychic Lantern — For intimate settings, this novel effect can’t be beat! Complete with patter & a precision made LED lantern.
Blown Away Pen— BIC & Papermate pens are the most recognized brands in the world. A perfect weapon in your arsenal.
Hot Box — The inside of this match box is crafted so incredibly that spectators can peer inside without seeing the ‘N52’. Fantastic!

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