Rainbow Streamers

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These 2 beautiful Rice streamers are sold together as a set. Each one is 12″ x 10 foot lo They are drop-dead beautiful.
Rainbow Streamers, designed especially for the professional magician, must be sen to be fully appreciated. That's why we shot some detailed footage. THey have ultra vivid stripes of very dazzling colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple.)
Each one is carefully shaded from dark to light, rainbow-fashion. This pattern is repeated throughout the entire length. Rice's rainbows are brighter & more intricate, with their excitingly beautiful shadings, than other streamers on the market. They are manufactured by SKS, and the ones we are selling are in excellent condition.


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Silk Streamers

These streamers are ideal for silk productions, a fountain of silk, and dove acts. These wide streamers can also be used on flagstaffs and make excellent backdrops. Tey are highly recommended as a colorful finale to any silk act.
Rice’s streams also have the exclusive 1/16″ narrow flat hem. Unlike other streamers, these are not made from strips or scraps of silk cut from a bolt of material. Each one is made to specifications and is superior throughout.


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