Reflections Version 2

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With Version 2, Reflections is even more diabolical. It contains 3 different tests of psychological, emotional, and behavioral reactions. The bonus effect is Kioku! It's in the book. No cards used.
The size of this 142 page hardbound book is 3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″.
An outstanding mentalism routine by Outlaw! It begins with a planetary personality test. What's new here is that is that the spectator unknowingly reveals the 'force', which is so cleverly hidden as part of the test itself. In our opinion, this is one of the finest book tests out there. It's powerful and extremely credible. Solid Entertainment. The method is so devious that no one will have a clue.
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Reflections Book Test Outlaw

Hardback book (142 pages) is so small you carry it in your back pocket.

Reflections Book Test Outlaw

First page of book. It looks so real, so innocent — unless you know Larry Becker!

Reflections Book Test Outlaw

Complete with original illustrated instructions.


The right side of each page has 10 symbols on it, and 18 additional words at the bottom of the page.
You proceed to reveal the subject of their randomly chosen entry, a separate word out of 18 words that applies to the entry as well as a symbol related to that entry. You also have the option of duplicating the symbol they are thinking of as a drawing, instead of just revealing it.
You will know the context of the statement, the exact symbol and the exact word they are thinking before you even begin the actual presentation. This allows you to do one revelation each to three different spectators. Or you can do all three revelations with a single spectator.
The left side of the page is the Kioku memory transfer test. This is a test where you reveal the exact memory you are thinking of.
This is incredible stuff.
Remember that Reflections is a book that can be examined. You do not need to know the page number and there is no peek principle involved. And best of all, you can easily carry the book with you anywhere


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