Rice’s Deluxe Blendo 36″

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This is the surest, the safest, the fastest Blendo on the market. Produced by “Silk King”, this Starlight Blendo is deluxe throughout, and its so EASY to do. The Swedish steel spring in the opening is covered with cloth to prevent it from pushing through the delicate silk. Because of the exclusive construction, using a small ring, and the OVAL large right instead of a round one, you have everything under complete control.
There is nothing to fear. Complete with 36″ gimmicked silk, three 18″ colored silks (red, green, yellow) and original 3 page illustrated instructions. Portions have been photographed so you can see the detailed illustrations that make it really easy to do.

Whoever gets this, please be good to this rare treasure, and it will be good to you!




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Rice's Deluxe Blendo Starburst Silk
Rice's Deluxe Blendo


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