Shark Card – Ungimmicked

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If you entertain with cards, it doesn't matter what your skill level is. People will still consider you an awesome 'Card Shark'.
So why not reinforce that thinking by introducing a novel holographic 'Shark' that's on the underside of a blue back Bicycle Card. Put this card in your deck. Overhand shuffle. Easy to locate and force. Then sit back and enjoy the laughter and smiles

A Novel Way to Advertise Your Skills


Something they'll remember!

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Shark Bicycle Card

This is a crazy gimmicked holographic card that can be handled by a spectator. The reverse side is a blue back Bicycle design. (If desired, red back can be requested at time of order.)


We have a great selection of “shark cards”. Each ‘shark’ looks different — as well as the suit & number. Unless indicated otherwise, the back of the card will be a ‘Blue Back Bicycle’.

We’ve had an unbelievable response to these cards. Get one while you can. Limited quantity.

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