Silk Potpourri

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Silk Potpourri, Jerry Mentzer
Copyright 1979
53 Pages
Excellent Condition

Over the years, Jerry has developed a number of very effective, eye catching tricks with silks. None of the tricks in this book are difficult to do. There are many routines and we know you'll find several that fits your style. Great stuff from a super performer!

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Table of Contents


Double Knot
Double Knot – Ungimmicked Version
Triple Silks
Triple Silks – Ungimmicked Version
Novel 20th Century
Silk Shower
Matchbook to Silk
Cane Transpo
No Gaff Blendo
Six Foot Blendo
Silks from Silk
Duck Production
Flip Silk Production
Splitting Silks
Visible Color Change
Slo Motion Cigarette and Silk Combo
Rainbow Cascade
Another Blendo Idea



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