Snakes Galore

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We’re embarrassed as we should know the of this trick and who made it. But we are clueless. Even the owner doesn’t remember where he bought it. He never used it – & lost the original instructions.
So we examined the props and come up with an EFFECT. We also uncovered some ‘unknowns’ of this apparatus that was definitely not made in a garage.
There’s lots of photos to show you the condition of the apparatus. You’ll also see one elusive feature, such as the slide in the pedestal base. Each photo is annotated — and the script/actions referenced in our notes are simply guesswork on our part.
This prop has serious potential for the children’s entertainer. Four foot Snakes (great quality ones) pop out unexpectedly, silks vanish, and there’s plenty of opportunities to create fun and laughter.
Everything is in EXCELLENT condition. Super paint job. Solid wood construction with plexiglass for the paddles. Extremely well made. It will last for decades. Includes everything except the red silk/scarf.
The photos will show you the props potential. (Each petition has 2 separate chambers – a bottom & a top; blackart is also used.

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A blue, white, and green scarf is shown and placed down next to apparatus


Each silk is placed in a separate petition on top of the apparatus.


Audience can see that the silks are in separate areas.


The blue, silver, and red paddles are removed. The silks have vanished.


Spectators can see through the gate that the silks have mysteriously vanished.


The 3 colored panels are placed back into the apparatus.


Child is given a magic wand. Performer asks him to wave the wand over the blue paddle, and when he says the magic word, the blue scarf will change into a snake. After this is done, performer lifts blue paddle, and to everyone’s surprise, out jumps a 4 foot spring (cloth wrapped) black snake.


Magician gives spectator a second chance to make the red scarf disappear. But lo and behind, when he waves the wand, out jumps another black spring snake. The silk has vanished.


Performer now gives spectator several “funny” wands, and is asked to change the white scarf to a red scarf. After a bit of byplay, the paddle is lifted, and the magician pulls out a red scarf.


Photo of performer removing red scarf from the apparatus


The tops of each section where the silks are placed are secured by a short metal clip. See arrow.


The bottom of the prop is outfitted with a lever that can be pulled up or down. There is also a locking mechanism (slot) near the top.


When the slide is pushed all the way upward, the top of a small wooded rod protrudes just slightly from the middle petition.


Although this rig has not been set up in this manner, it appears that a tiny clip can be attached to the top of this ‘nub’ — and subsequently attached to a small scarf placed in the center petition. Therefore, when the lever is lowered, the silk will be pulled inside the small tube within the stand. Consequently, it will appear that the small silk has vanished.


This photo shows the silk which we believe could be attached to the clip mentioned earlier



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