New Spirit Lock (Ruda)

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An outstanding psychic effect made by world class craftsman, Jack Ruda. The lock is shown to open and close. It is placed on top of a pedestal and covered by a crystal dome.
Within 30 seconds, the lock opens, as by a spirit;. It never fails to get a gasp of amazement. A true reputation maker. Complete with original instructions from Jack Ruda.

Rare and collectible. Mint condition. Never used.


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Spirit Lock  from Jack Ruda

Ghost Lock Jack Ruda

Introduce a large heavy padlock. Open it. Then close it. Place on top of pedestal.

Ghost Lock Jack Ruda

Place a beautiful crystal around the padlock. Within 60 seconds, the padlock suddenly opens. An outstanding psychic effect that always entertains.

Effect: A large master lock is displayed upon the base covered by a glass dome. The lock is removed and handed to a spectator along with the keys that open the lock.
The lock is opened and closed several times by the spectator and eventually locked and handed back to the performer.
The lock is placed upon the base and covered with a glass dome. Within 60 seconds, the lock jumps open, as by a spirit!


Patter for The NEW Spirit Lock

This heavy lock was used to house major criminals back in the late 1800s. One such criminal escaped under very peculiar circumstances. The jailer knew it had to have been the work of the spirits because as soon as he went to the cell he noticed that the heavy lock was unlocked and only he had the keys.
To make sure of his findings, he took the lock and placed it upon his desk. After locking it, he watched, and lo and behold, in a short period of time the lock opened by itself. This is that lock and we will see the spirits in action through the demonstration we will observe today.



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