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This is another rare silk, created by Harry Leat and produced by Supreme Magic, Circa 1950. Extremely rare and highly collectible. This is the first silk Harry Leat created. Because it’s so rare & collectible, we are soliciting your offers for consideration. Just give us a call.
Quoting from the original instructions, “We have no hesitation in saying that the SUPERNATURAL silk approaches real magic. Can you imagine showing an 18″ silk and pulling it through a ring, and finding that the graphic on the silk has changed to an entirely different one!”
As far as the ordinary person is concerned, the trick defies detection.
In performance, an 18″ silk is shown, prionted in black and with a red tinted border. AThe silk shows a picture of a DEVIL. Pulled through a ring, the silk changes and becomes that of a MONK.
We have never seen this silk in any magic shop anywhere. It does have a couple of extremely small stains on it — that is not visible when performed — and which is likely not visible on these photos. There are no rips/tears. The coloration is great.
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Supreme Stop Lite
Supreme Stop Lite
Supreme Supernatural Silk
This novel effect can be worked anywhere with the audience all around, as an impromptu effect or platform item. According to Supreme Magic and written in their instructions, “Amongst those who praised the effect was the famous Louis Nikols and Max Holden.
It’s up to you to add the ENTERTAINMENT to what is a distinctly novel effect.


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