Temple of Goo Two

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Created by Jack Ruda, this is a stage size version of “The Temple of Goo”. Made from exquisite woods & using state-of-the-art electronics, it delivers devastating mentalism. RARE–Only 3 made. In Like New Condition. Prop has never been used in performance.
Effect: Corresponding with the patter, spectator conceals the 'Buddha' in one of 4 cut-out slots in a wooden plaque; spectator conceals selection with an ornate wooden 'temple' cover. Performer can be blindfolded, be offstage, so he can't see where the idol is placed. Without hesitation, & without glancing at the 'Temple', he reveals the location of GOO
     • Unique, beautiful props with a great story line. A reputation maker.
     •  Perform in a small or large setting.
     •  No handheld or pocket remotes used. M.O. does not involve 'vibrations'.
     •  Performer can be a good distance away from the primary props.
     •  Sure fire method. Easy to do. Special circuitry conserves power.
     •  You never forget to turn it 'on' or 'off'
     •  All props examinable.


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Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

The Buddha figurine is 6 1/4″ tall.


This unbelievable mentalism effect is an electronic marvel. To the best of our knowledge, less than 3 were made by Jack Ruda.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

The very rare model is well suited for large audiences. It is considerably larger than Temple of Goo One.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

The podium for the Buddah figurine is 4″x4″x3″. Jack Ruda used the very finest woods when crafting his magical apparatus.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

The podium rests upon a wooden stand that 6″x3″.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

The podium rests upon the wooden stand.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda
Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

Notice the quality of workmanship and the use of fine woods. The Buddha figurine fits comfortably in any one of these 4 cut-out holes.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda

Spectator has a completely free choice of placing the Buddha in any one of the holes.

Temple of Goo Jack D. Ruda


Patter theme for the “Temple of Goo”

“This is an exact replica of the TEMPLE OF GOO. You may ask, “Who was GOO?” Well, GOO was the first recognized mentalist some 5,000 years ago. This strange China man, or as was his full name (not unlike some strange people today) could read anyone’s mind. It was a gift that he had developed through the years.
He felt that this gift should be passed on so he befriended a local peasant named BAH LING, also Chinese, who spoke many dialects and spoke them well (not unlike the word in today’s language for a person who speaks many languages BAH LING WELL).
As time went on, GOO became fearful for his life, as his enemy’s would like to destroy him due to his power over them. As a religious man, he knew that the only place he was must vulnerable, was when we would pray – because people would always knows where he was. So he had this special temple designed – a place where he could be in any one of four areas and no one could know for sure. No one except for his friend, BAH.
Well, one day GOO went to his temple to pray and BAH was captured by GOO‘s enemies. BAH suffering great torture, finally gave up and disclosed where GOO was.
Now you don’t have to torture me, but through BAH, I too have learned the secrets of mentalism.
GOO is located in the section numbered . . . .
Once again, BAH FOUND GOO!
This was Jack Ruda’s written patter lines. But we most emphasize that this patter can be easily altered to conform with your style of psychic performance — and relate to audiences in a mature setting. The props are made with very fine woods are are drop-dead beautiful. The Buddha figurine lends itself to a potpourri of patter themes that are both mysterious and have a mystical psychic revelation. You have the props and a super-clever method. Now add your own persona to make this a devastating piece of mentalism.


You won’t see anyone else performing this – or even owning one. /scan>

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