The Art of Close Up Magic


The Art of Close Up Magic, Volume Two, Lewis Ganson
Illustrated by Dennis Patten and Maurice Day
Copyright by The Supreme Magic Company. No copyright date noted on book.
This is highly likely the first published version of this book. Notice the photo without the dust jacket. The front of the book DOES NOT have any lettering whatsoever. Other copies of this book that we have seen do have printing on the front.
The book is almost in “like new” condition — although the dust cover does show signs of wear. On the very first 'blank' page is a sticker that denotes the the owner of the book. Other than that, there are no markings whatsoever on any pages.

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The Art of Close Up Magic Volume Two Lewis Ganson
The Art of Close Up Magic Volume Two Lewis Ganson

Table of Contents

Chapter I — Destroyed and Restored
     Cut and Restored Silk – Phoa Yan Tiong
     Yarn Trick – Orlando Bagley
     Ten Shilling Note Trick – Norman Rhodes>
     Benett’s Boner –
Horace Bennett
     Note in Cigarette – Roger Crosthwaite
Chapter II — Three Rings for Dai Vernon – Lewis Ganson>
Chapter III — Mainly Mental
     Seven Colours of Wisdom – A. De Seiver
     Elizabeth Arden – J. Pickstone
     The Taste Tells – Charles Cameron
     Mollusca Mental – Tony Shiels
     Idento – Douglas Francis
     Noted Number – Al Spackman
     Pseudo Psychometry – TOny Griffith
     Transversale – J. Bragoli
     Licensed Telepathy – J. Bragoli
Chapter 4 – Novel Necreomancy
     Miniature Rapping Hand – Al Spackman
     Chinese Matches – Dai Vernon
      – BoxologyFrederica
     Glass Levitation – Douglas Francis
     Sawing a Fakir In Half – Hans G. Stumpf
     Match Sword Box – Hans Stumpf
     Flass Business Card – E. Deffenbaugh
     Leipzig’s Grindstone – C. Smith
     Torn & Restored Napkin – C. Smith
Chapter 5 – Rink in Close Up
     Acrobatic Paperchips – Rink
     Coins Apart – Rink
     Chink-A-Chink Simplified – Rink
     Rope Through The Neck – Rink
     Grand Guignol – Rink
      – One Cup-Two Balls – Rink
Chapter 6 – Bennett on Coins
     Dissimilar Coins Through Table
     The Change Purse
     Coin Exchange
     In and Out – Part I
     In and Out – Part 2
     Tea for Okito
Chapter 7 – The Magic Sleeves of David Berglas
     ‘Its Up His Sleeve!’
     Mthods of Sleeving
     The Berglas Gravity Method for Sleeving a Small Object Invisibly
     Retrieving the Pocket Knife
     Intelligent Use of Sleeving
     The Master Move for ‘The homing Ball’
     The Torn and Restored Tissue Paper
     Requirements and Preparation
     The Cups and Balls
     Production and Vanish of a Silk Handkerchief
     The Vanishing Stick
     Producing a Pen, Pencil or Cigar
     The Autograph Hunter’s Nightmare
     Switching One Object for Another
     Switching a Long Object
     The De Manche Switch used in Conjunction with Sleeving
     The Vanish of the Stack of Pence
     Sleeving Coins for ‘The Coins in Glass’
     Production of a Cigar
Chapter 8 – A Session with Bobby Bernard
     The Bernard Switch
     School for Croupiers
Chapter 9 – Two Classics
     My Routine with the ‘Devano’ Pack
     The Egg Bag
The Last Chapter
     Roulette – Jens Korth
     The Magic Ring – G. Kosky
     The Story Teller



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