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For Wristwatches and Pocket Watches

This effect has it all! High-impact mentalism, engaging patter, comedy, and a novel logical ending. Solid entertainment!
This accessory ranks among the top 5 for the Blown Away Pocket Watch or Wristwatch. Different colors and styles of ring boxes available. See Animated GIF under “Product Description” for some of the boxes we currently have in stock. Special gimmicks included with box.

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For Wristwatches and Pocket Watches

Performer gives a lady a chance to win a “diamond ring” if she can predict the time on your watch. He encourages her by saying she doesn’t have to be exact — just close, like within 3 to 4 minutes. When the lady reveals her time, the performer is stunned & states this has never happened before.
The lady picks up the watch. The times match! The lady, with a glint in her eye, quickly opens the jewelry box. Inside she sees a…


“dime in ring”

Performer applauds spectator for her inspiring demonstration of clairvoyancy. This is a delightful, pleasant way to end a novel prediction effect – one that will never be forgotten.
Remember: After performer places watch on table,
He doesn’t touch it for the rest of the routine.
This ranks among the top 5 accessories for the wristwatch & pocket watch. Several styles and colors available. Special gimmick included. This prop KILLS.  And it’s easy to do.


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