Mother of All Magnetic Pens


This pen is a 'must-have'. It's a functioning writing instrument. But it has a built-in PK that is so devious. It can trigger your watch at a good distance. It's also a light pen with a strong LED. This opens up a new frontier for 'psychic patter'. Just read some of the ideas below. Batteries last a long, long time and are replaceable. And so is the ink cartridge. We think you'll really like it.

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Why You’ll Love This Pen


  1. Another method of doing Blown Away

  2. Cleverly Hidden N52 PK Gimmicks

  3. More powerful than “kryptonite”

  4. Can do its “job” from a distance

  5. Great utility gimmick for other effects

  6. Pen emits a bright beam of light

  7. Ideal for one-liners, stories, routining

  8. Great for misdirection & story telling

  9. It’s an elegant writing instrument.

  10. Can replace ink cartridge, battery, bulb.

  11. Spectator can pick up & handle pen.


Stylish Design


  1. Excellent writing instrument.

  2. Medium weight & has a substantial feel, combined with a stylish, elegant appearance.

  3. The black ink cartridge is replaceable.

  4. The LED is as bright as a flashlight.

  5. Batteries last long & easy to replace.

  6. For credibility, pen has a faint, small imprint on the barrel.


Routine Quips & Ideas

Do you know what this flashlight reminds me of? I picture an image of a young person (watch is metaphor) in bed and creating a little tent out of the bed covers (bill surrounds watch) & reading late into the night using a flashlight…
Intuition is like a flashlight. It sometimes turns off but always switches on again. So how do you feel about your intuitive abilities today? Let’s see if this light will make a huge difference.
Light represents truth. Watch. (Performer moves light left to right.) I see you are following the light. People who do this are positive, optimistic, & very intuitive. So let’s see if I’m right about you.
This is the flashlight of hope because I hope the batteries never need changing, and also hope it can move your thoughts into the realm of the supernatural. Shall we give it a try?
How many magicians does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: It depends on what you want it changed into.
I always bring a flashlight to the movies & just have all the rows move down for no reason.
Have you ever used your phone as a flashlight and hitting random buttons to keep it lit? I don’t have that problem with this one because it can also do things that will blow you away. Let me demonstrate.

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