The Mother of all PK Pens


This is our favorite wristwatch accessory. It's the perfect companion to the $1. It allows you to repeat the effect by BORROWING A BILL.
Since it's also a light pen, you can use a different line of patter. The misdirection & handling is easy & natural. No awkward moves. For the reveal, you ask the spectator to blow away the $1. He can even take his time! A stunner that we endorse.



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Premier and Pro Watches Mother of All PK Pens

This Pen Has it All. Two PKs that will Unzip Your Zipper. Plus a Bright LED for “Psychic Patter”. Oh yeah, it also Writes

Mother of all PK Pens for Premier Pro Watch

Unbelievable Pen that Delivers with Magnetic Power and a Beaming Light. It also Writes!

The Mother of all PK Pens

You’ll Love This Pen

• Another method of doing Blown Away Without a Gimmicked $1

• Cleverly Hidden N52 PK Gimmicks

• More powerful than “kryptonite”

• Can do its ‘job’ from a distance

• Can be used as a utility gimmick

• Pen emits a bright light beam. Perfect for psychic routines, one-liners, stories.

• Light provides misdirection.

• It’s a stylish writing instrument. Medium weight.

• Replaceable ink cartridge, batteries, bulb.

• Spectator can examine pen.

• Pen has a faint imprint on barrel for an authentic look.

Routine Quips & Ideas

Intuition is like a flashlight. It sometimes turns off but always switches on again. So how do you feel about your intuitive abilities today? Let’s see if this light makes a difference.
Light represents truth. Watch my hand. I see you are following the light. People who do this are optimistic, & intuitive. So let’s see if I’m right about you.
This is the flashlight of hope because I hope the batteries never need changing. Did you know it can move your thoughts into the realm of the supernatural? Shall we give it a try?
How many magicians does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: It depends on what you want it changed into.
Have you ever used a phone as a flashlight & hitting random buttons to keep it lit? I don’t have that problem. The light from this pen can do things that’ll blow you away. Let me demonstrate.

Powerful Magnetic Field

The pen is outfitted with 2 powerhouse PK’s so it can trigger the watch up to 1.5″ away. That separation dispels any notion of skulduggery.

That’s MAGIC!


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