The Mother of all Wands

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You have to trust us when we say this “pointing device” will bring the house down in laughter when used in a magic or business setting. All you have to say when performing or giving a presentation is, “Gee, isn't there a pointer around here somewhere. Then, either go “off stage”, or simply pick the limb up from the floor. The key is not to crack a smile. Just continue with your presentation, and use the limb as a 'pointer'. The audience will go bonkers! And why? Because they have never seen anyone else do that.
And most importantly. They will remember YOU FOREVER as that crazy guy who used a limb to make a 'point'. And best of all, it packs flat and will fit inside your carrying case or attache. And yeah, it screws together real fast. Perfect for school shows, business presentations, etc.
If it doesn't give you the reaction we are stating here, you can return it for a full refund! It's that good. You just have to figure out explaining to your wife or significant other why you spent $13 bucks for a tree limb!

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Mother of all Magic Wands

The Mother of all Magic Wands

Who would ever think this set of hardwood branches actually “screw together” to form a very large branch. It can be used as a magic wand, a “pointer” if doing any type of visual or “PowerPoint Presentation”.

The Mother of all Magic Wands

Each of the ‘branch limbs’ has a male/female fitting on each end that screw together.

The Mother of all Magic Wands

In this picture, you are viewing two “limbs” screwed together.

The Mother of all Magic Wands

This photo extends beyond your smartphone display, laptop, or computer monitor. It’s about 6 ft. high. Now if you want to get AND HOLD people’s attention, use this “wand” as a pointing tool. As mentioned earlier, it can be used in a magic performance as a sight gag or in a business setting.


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