The Spill Bar and Grille

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Spill Bar and Grille
The contents of this 80 page softbound book will absolutely mesmerize you! This book is one of Paul Diamonds” Gems of Magic Series. So much original material is included in this book. Excellent condition.
What Dai Vernon said: For years Steve was a regular at the Magic Castle…He added his own distinctive touches. With Steve, the motto is originality. He is a top notch performer. Feast your eyes on the pages that follow. You'll be delighted and surprised.
So will your audiences.


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Table of Contents


Close Up Magic

     Sleight of hand vs Magic
     Spongs Sphere Fantasy
     Jumbo Coin Assembly
     Dollar Delusion Deluxe
     Ultimate Bill to Lemon

Platform Magic

     An Energy Crisis Solution
     The Banana Stab
     Multiplying Meerschaum and Wax
     Fake Finger Foolery
     The Funny Bunny
     Egg Bag Ala Sheets

Card Magic

     Push Through Change
     Bare Foot Baffler
     Bogus Multiple Selection
     Triple Revelation
     The Everywhere and Nowhwere Fraud
     Here, There, and Everywhere
     Sawa Single Hand Shuffle

Mentalish by Sandy Spillman

     Mentalism for Fun or Profit
     Psychic Minds
     It’s a Date
     Focal Point
     Star Bright
     Digital Divination


     Magic Convention Magic
     The Frustrating Penny Palm
     The Spill Shill

Close Up Magic

     A Touch of Salt
     The Eye Popping Pop Top
     Sugar Daddy
     Checker Chum
     Button Control
     Cigarette Suspension
     Sum Stick Trick
     Three Shell Game
     Smoker’s Swindle
     Pea Soup Can & Additional Notes

Magic with Unprepared Cards

     Calico Crimp
     Paint Brush Card Trick
     Everywhere and Nowhere
     Monkey Monte
     Direct Discovery Aces
     Curious Card CHange
     Follow Up
     Instant Mate
     Signed Card Sorcery

Magic with Prepared Cards

     House of Cards
     Ghost Card
     Pencil THrough Card
     Spin the Bottle
     Thumb Print Transposition
     Organic Magic


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