The ‘Who’ Silk – Supreme Magic

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This 18″ silk was designed by Harry Leat, circa 1955 and produced by Supreme Magic. It is a highly rare, collectible item that we have never seen in any magic shop or anywhere on the Internet.
A picture of a young lady is shown and when pulled through a ring or simply crushed up in the hands and then shaken out again, the picture changes and it becomes that of a bearded man!
It can be easily adapted to suit the style of the individual performer. The silk can be produced at any time and it makes a great little 'quickie'. The patter below makes this effect a REAL WINNER. Good solid, clean entertainment. Considering its age, silk is in very good condition. No rips/tears/holes/spots.
It's a nice little novelty off the beaten track of magical effects.
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Who Silk Supreme Magic
Who Silk Supreme Magic
 Who Silk Supreme Magic
Who is it, seen as all the fashion shows,
Who pops away frequently to ‘powder her nose’
Who wears such short dresses, anything goes!
           — MY LADY! — (Show the silk).
Who is it ‘scoffs a box of chocs,
Who gets from a wiggery her lovely gold locks,
Who refuses to darn her old man’s socks,
           — MY LADY!
Who is it lets her eyelids droop?
Who round her neck, strings of ‘Hippy’ beads loops,
Who makes the men go through the hood, (slowly pull the silk through a ring)
           — My LADY
Who is it works by night and day,
Who has the watchword PAY, PAY, PAY
And always has the least to say,
          HER HUSBAND! (show the change)


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