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This is an interesting Hot Rod. First, it's a 4 sided wooden stick that is the right size & has the feel so doing the paddle move is easy. The colored dots that appear on both sticks are painted. So no gems that can fall off.
Next, the paddle move is done so that the spectator appears to see ALL FOUR SIDES of the rod. That's because you do the move by holding the rod on the “diagonal”, instead of holding it 'flat' on your finger tips. Doing so gives a perfect illusion of seeing ALL FOUR SIDES.
Ok? So what's the secret. First, the yellow stick is ungimmicked. The other stick has one side that has the usual colored dots. However, the side next to it is unique. It is painted so that each “dot” has two colors on it — 1/2 is yellow, and the other half corresponds with the colors that appear on the 'normal side'.
So when you do the paddle move by holding the stick on the diagonal, the spectator is really seeing 1 side that is 'normal', while the other side (which also looks normal) is really a series of colored dots — 1/2 of each dot is yellow, and the other half of each dot has normal colors. Depending on the way you hold the paddle will determine if the spectator will see ALL YELLOW DOTS ON FOUR SIDES, OR ALL DIFFERENT COLORED SPOTS ON ALL FOUR SIDES.
The illusion is perfect because of the angle at which this is done. After doing the standard routine, simply switch rods so the spectator gets the way with all yellow dots on all 4 sides. Deceptive! Novel!

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Hot Rod
Hot Rod
Hot Rod

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