Watch Box

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Performer borrows a wrist watch from a spectator and makes it disappear in a mysterious way. He then takes out a hand crafted wooden box and hands it to the spectator. The spectator examines it and confirms that it is locked genuinely with a padlock and that there is no other secret way to reach inside the box. The performer then draws attention to a pair of keys hanging from a chain at the beginning of the show. The spectator opens the box with the key and finds the vanished watch!
No shortcuts were taken when Stan Cabell made this box. Metal hinges and fine woods. Excellent shiny finish. Inside is padded to avoid any 'talking' doing the load. First class all the way. Just look at the photos and you'll see why this is one of the finest watch boxes made. It's in Pristine Mint Condition. Never Used. Made in USA.
Includes lock and key and instruction.

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Watch Box

Watch Box
Ring Box


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