Wizard’s Box — Discounted Accessories Package

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Perfect for table-hopping. The “Wizard's Box” is gimmicked to deliver an unexpected “knock-'em-out” ending to any close-up routine. The box can also hold a pocked size deck, rings, coins, and utility gimmicks.

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Wizards Accessory Special
The “Wizard’s Box” is perfect for table-hopping. Gimmicked to deliver an “knock-’em-out” ending to any close-up routine in less than 45 seconds.
Prediction Business Card Case–This prop uses a subtle peak method to see a time noted on a card by a spectator & placed inside the case. It enhances the overall effect of Blown Away.
The Mother of All Magnetic Pens — An elegant pen with a flashlight to perform Blown Away. Examinable & POWERFUL! Extra batteries incl.
Blown Away Dollar Bill
2 gaffed $1 bills in case you misplace or accidentally spend one.
PK Magnets–Develop your own props using 5 special magnets. Tips + inst. for gaffing a bill.
Extra Back-up Battery — It’s always smart to have an extra spare battery available.


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