Blown Away Wristwatch

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This timepiece is designed for the performer wanting a stylish watch that is not held, yet delivers jaw-dropping mentalism. Watch can be examined by spectator. We only have one in inventory. Get it while you can.
For a limited time we are including an extra gimmicked $1 ($22 value, a gimmicked BIC pen ($15 value), our Prediction Business Card Case ($18 value), + an extra spare battery ($5 value).

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Blown Away Wristwatch
Simply set the time and place watch on a table, or in a spectator’s outstretched palm. Drape a $1 bill around the watch to conceal your prediction. Within 45 seconds blow the bill away to reveal that your selection matches spectator’s chosen time.
What’s so cool about this is that you can also use any of our 20 accessories to arm the timepiece. Setup is lightning fast because the bracelet can be ‘positioned’ in the blink of an eye. [NOTE: If we used a leather strap, setup would be cumbersome.] Our bracelet is contemporary and complements the sporty look of the watch. It can be easily adjusted to fit any wrist.

After the timepiece is placed on spectator’s palm (or on a table), you don’t touch it any further. Spectator picks up the watch once the bill is blown away!

It’s a 45-second Thriller

Blown Away Wristwatch


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