New Penny Express (Ali Bongo)

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New Penny Express, Ali Bongo, “Ken Brooke's Magic Place'

Two colored handkerchiefs are formed into bags with the aid of rods, which are passed through rings sewnto the corners of the scarves. These are held by 2 assistants, one on each side of stage.
Six coins are placed onto a small thin wooden tray & tipped into one of the bags. Six more coins are counted onto the tray and tipped into the other bag.
The performer now makes 3 coins pass 'invisibly' from the first bag to the second. The coins are removed from the first bag & found to be 3 in number, while the second bag has 9 coins.
Includes colored silk scarves with rings sewn on 4 corners, a coin tray, 12 coins, 2 rods, 2 red caps, 2 yellow caps, 1 yellow cap with a “hook” used for a surprise ending, Illustrated routine. Outstanding magic and comedy.

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New Penny Express Ali Bongo
New Penny Express Ali Bongo

Bongo Penny Express
Bongo Penny Express
New Penny Express Ali Bongo
New Penny Express Ali Bongo


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